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Our Services

Leadership Development

Leadership is hard.  Anyone that tells you differently is very inaccurate.  Leadership is the human side of the business.  It’s vision, communication, trust and empowerment and the other human focused words.  Management is for things like timecards, paperwork and policies. You need to get to the point where you are “Leading your people and managing your processes.”

Process Improvement Coaching

Our approach to PI Coaching is to teach our customers how to fish, rather than doing it for them or training in a classroom without showing them how to do it.  Using our proprietary approach, to quote the great John Maxwell, we “know the way, show the way and go the way.”  We show you not only how to improve your processes, we show you how to manage the change through your organization.


Our customers told us that they needed a way to not only get their people trained, but they needed to make improvements and give their people real-world experience as well.  Our method covers both.  World Class Training followed immediately by World Class Implementation.  


Our recruiting team has decades of helping our customers find the very best talent for their open roles.  Because we are so culture focused, we don’t only seek out the technical side, we screen for the core values that we know are required to run a manufacturing plant.  Let us find your talent to drive your organization forward.  


Our sister company, Swiftemp, moves at the speed of manufacturing.  We aren’t a staffing company that dabbles in manufacturing.  We are a manufacturing company that provides staffing.  As such, we know what it’s like to work on the shop floor, and we know what challenges you are facing running your plant.