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Leadership Development


Leadership, for many, is a word that is bantered around like teamwork and ownership. However, our experience is that VERY few organizations spend much effort developing their leaders.  Too many companies take a good performing operator and promote that person to Lead, Supervisor or Manager and the development of that individual is not matched with those new levels of responsibility.

We’ve also seen several companies give people management training and call it Leadership training.  Often, this amounts to little more than “how to not get the company sued” training. While this is important, it isn’t necessarily what people need to become effective leaders.

Additionally, even people who have been leading for years rarely have an opportunity to talk about leadership.  This is usually driven by the organization not knowing how, or not thinking it is worth it. This situation is exacerbated by the daily firefighting that occurs in most plants. People are so busy trying to get today’s orders out that they don’t make time to invest in Leadership and Culture improvement work.   It is also challenging to measure the effectiveness of Leadership Development, however, I will offer that the inconsistent results most plants live with can most often be directly traced back to poor leadership. 

Our approach is very immersive.  We use tried and true methods and materials that are based on our decades long journey to develop leadership in many organizations.  Leadership, as we define it, is for people while management is for things.  We help our organizations understand that the “shiny place on the hill” is where the organization is:

  • Leading their people and managing their processes.

We have built a curriculum over the last two decades with the assistance of experts in the field of Leadership including a long time colleague that is a PhD in Organizational Psychology.  We work with you and your team to determine first where you are and more importantly, where you want to go.  From there, we use our proprietary Per-4mance System to work directly with your team for how to get there. 

Schedule a call with us and let us show you that the answer to your challenge is your culture.  And your culture is 100% a reflection of Leadership.


We offer team development coaching tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Using hands-on coaching in real-time, we will sit with your team—from leadership team and steering committee meetings to performance review meetings—and facilitate discussion about any underlying issues that need to be addressed. We’ll work with the team to improve communications, accountability, follow-up, and execution.

Our approach is based on our belief that culture is the single most crucial factor in determining an organization’s success or failure. If you have the best processes in the world, but your people hate coming to work every day, you might be good, but you will never be awesome. In order for you to get your people involved, we must move past the business-speak statements and figure out how to help people work together.

This often leads to individual coaching that can help the individual be not only more effective at work, but often more effective in the rest of their lives in total. This is the foundation of building the “Culture of Awesomeness” that we want and need.


Get personalized coaching to help your executives clarify their goals, find focus, improve their communications, and boost their overall effectiveness. Receive unbiased advice and actionable tools that EVP, SVP, and C-level executives need to the top of their game, whether they’re new, seasoned, or have just assumed a great deal more responsibility as a result of a reorganization or promotion.

We see ourselves in a position to share the truth and be painfully direct when necessary, giving feedback on issues related to communications, metric alignment, organizational or team culture, and other items that are hard for someone in the organization to discuss. This external and unbiased approach often pays huge dividends to organizations because it helps develop a more comprehensive perspective on the organization’s health.


“Okay” is a race to the bottom. When companies settle for okay, they start to compare themselves to other okay companies and they start to take comfort in their okay performance and their okay metrics. And slowly but surely, the distance between the excellent companies and the okay companies widens. And eventually, the okay companies are left competing on price and scrambling for the profit crumbs in the commodity basement of the industry.

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