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The latest book by Dr. Michael “Doc” McIntyre contains a treasure trove of leadership wisdom, anecdotes, and “Holy Ship!” moments that will exercise you and your team’s leadership muscles.


A Shipload of Leadership Nuggets

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Leadership is hard! And most people end up in leadership roles without any leadership training. So they stumble and struggle and do things in the near term that make their life harder in the long term.

That’s where Doc McIntyre comes in!
Doc’s a genius at helping leaders figure out what’s holding them back and what they can do differently to create a better future.
Doc has a PhD in organizational psychology and 20 years of experience coaching leaders at all levels.

This book, A Shipload of Leadership Nuggets, is a collection of Doc’s insights and tips that’s guaranteed to be helpful to you. It’s totally practical – there’s nothing theoretical about it. And it’s an easy read – 74 short chapters that you can read in one sitting or savor one at a time.

This book also serves as excellent discussion material for teams that get together to talk leadership.

This book is a must-read for leaders at any level who are ready to look in the mirror and figure out a better way.

As a former Toyota Quality Circle Leader, Joshua Sanchez has utilized the knowledge and experience gained from that time to create this manual.

The Standard Work Manual

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Can you imagine going to a restaurant and every time you ordered a burger it was completely different? Some people might enjoy that, but for most of us, we want consistency.

Standard Work is the foundation of any business, organization or entity. It is the methods by which any given process is accomplished. Even the lack of a formalized Standard Work Document is a “standard”, it is simply one that opens the door for inefficient practices and wide-ranging variation.

This manual covers all of the steps necessary to implement standards within your own workplace. The author has taken years of experience, including time at Toyota Manufactures which is world renowned for its quality and consistency, and compiled it into this field manual.

*Includes six templates