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The Results

Since it’s inception in 2015, The Effective Syndicate has been working with Manufacturing companies, achieving the following results:

• Provided a greater than 5:1 ROI – literally saving millions for our clients

• More than 75% of our clients extend their relationship with us

We knew we could do more! In 2023 we fully implemented a system that we’ve been building for years, The GSD System.  Building on four pillars of Clarity, Teamwork, Discipline and Energy to build a Kick-Ass Culture within our customers.

THE GSD System

How it works

We start off with an on-site assessment of your facility.

We provide your employees with an online survey to gauge the “voice of the team.”

From there we move right in to the GSD System steps listed below.



We search for the Dragons, Gators and Lizards!
Working with one client, we helped them see that they had 97 different projects going on. We trimmed that list down to the top 5, the next 5 and 5 in the “hopper.” They were able to then complete the most important 5 projects in less than 90-days because there was focus and the organization was “clear” on what needed to happen next.




An incredibly powerful tool because it allows you to have clarity on what you’re working on (in addition to your normal business) and stay focused on getting things accomplished.
Ensures alignment and systemizing execution in 12-week sprints




Training + Action= creates instant results on your floor with your people.
Training and implementation at the same time 2. World class practitioners in your business tackling your biggest and ugliest problems.




Coaching floor leadership on how to overcome hurdles and sustain the improvements. Lunch and Learns around Leadership. We are there every step of the way. Helping leadership drive energy into the process changes.