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Lean is not just a set of tools; it's our disciplined way of life.

We’ve embedded Lean principles deep within our culture and operations, making it the cornerstone of our disciplined approach. Lean, to us, means relentless pursuit of excellence and uncompromising commitment to quality. It’s about doing more with less, eliminating waste at every turn, and continuously improving processes.

This commitment to discipline fuels our clients’ operations, making them more efficient, productive, and ultimately helps them win. We teach and coach Lean so that our clients not only have effective processes, they have effective means of ensuring those processes are upheld, even when it gets hard.

Tr-Action is step 3 of our GSD System.

Your goal is to fix production issues and create a culture of continuous improvement, not waste money on quick fixes that don’t last and training that gets forgotten before it ever gets applied.

The traditional models of “send your people to training” or “hire a consultant to fix the problem” are broken, and leaders like you know it.

That’s why we created Tr-Action®, a program that combines onsite training with coach-facilitated action and produces improvements that take hold and stick.

1. Organizational


1. Goals

2. Ability to Change

3. Importance

2. Roadmap

The customized deployment plan and training protocol for your organization. 

3. Implementation

Immediately after training, we go to your shop floor and show your people how to implement in your workplace. 

4. Celebrate & Sustain

We guide you on how to sustain the improvements. 

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"If you're considering bringing on a consulting team, definitely work with The Effective Syndicate. They guided us every step of the way, from identifying key areas of improvement to implementing effective strategies. We hadn't worked with external consultants in a while, so Beau's insights during the process were invaluable. Their team helped us pinpoint crucial issues and offered practical solutions that made a significant impact. The quality and speed of their service were impressive. The team was supportive and communicative throughout. Ten out of ten, I would absolutely recommend them!"