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Continuous Improvement Coaching For Employees & Organizations

Process Improvement Coaching


We offer transformative and comprehensive multi-year engagements with organizations who want to start or revamp the Continuous Improvement System. In partnership, we will:

  1. Define your organization’s Vision, Mission, and governing Values.
  2. Define what winning looks like—and discover the strategy to get there.
  3. Determine whether your organization has the team on the field to execute on your goals—and address any gaps.
  4. Define your organization’s structure—and clarify your succession plan and related leadership development.
  5. Perform organizational and teamwork coaching and development, with focus on process improvement—people, tools, message, metrics, results, and course correction.
  6. Build and lead a comprehensive Continuous Improvement System that operates as a singular Business Operating System, using Lean Six Sigma as a strategic weapon to create a Lean Enterprise.

Our objective is to establish system of Continuous Improvement based on a set of non-negotiable principles that apply to all aspects of your company: your people and processes. We’ll teach the entire workforce how to work, lead, and interact holistically so your organization performs as a dynamic and agile system that yields remarkable results.

We know what it’s like to spend an enormous amount of money on consultants, just for their “training” to disappear along with them. That’s why we created Training & Action, a program that combines lean training with immediate action so that improvements take hold and stick. Training & Action is on-site learning and implementation that is next-level.