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Teamwork is a word that is bantered around often without much thought behind. We have thought about it. A lot. The definition of teamwork is: “work done by a group acting together so that each member does a part that contributes to the success of the whole.”

Teamwork driven from clarity turns the “ideation” process into specific and actionable items each with a clear definition of success, ownership and metrics. Teamwork is bringing the group of people together to execute the mission of the organization with a high bias for action and sense of urgency.

Our Team


Beau Groover - MBA, LSS Master Black Belt


Beau has been leading, teaching and implementing World Class Teams and World Class processes for over two decades. There have been many key takeaways over that time span, but none more important than the following:

1. You can’t win if your team doesn’t buy-in, which means your Leadership and Culture are critical to your success.

2. Execution trumps everything else in the organization. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest plan in the world, if you can’t get execute, it’s just a long and frustrated to-do list that never gets done

Beau’s ability to connect with Executives all the way to the shop floor enables rapid and effective implementation and incredible results. If you aren’t reaching the level of performance, you are looking for, reach out and let’s have a conversation. There is a better way. We can show you how.


Joshua D. Sanchez - MFA, LSS Black Belt


A broad business perspective enables Joshua to connect with individuals across all spectrums – with a background in retail sales, customer service, CAD/CNC Machining and manufacturing experience.

Joshua is a quality-driven lean practitioner, innovator and advocate for continuous improvement and respect for people. he is passionate about eliminating waste and non-value added activities for the benefit of all involved.

He earned a Master of Art in Metals from Ball State University, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University, as well as several certificates from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Prior to The Effective Syndicate, Joshua worked at several esteemed companies that include Tiffany & Co., Toyota and the University of Kentucky Healthcare.


Max Thomas


Max, a seasoned professional in sales and account management within manufacturing, excels at building and maintaining client relationships while delivering exceptional customer service. His extensive industry knowledge enables him to provide expert guidance that aids clients in achieving their goals.

Max is results-driven, with a proven track record, and offers valuable insights and strategies for business growth. With a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to results, Max is well-equipped to help manufacturers overcome challenges and succeed, making him a valuable asset to any organization.

John Rhodes - Headshot - 2024

John Rhodes


John, a seasoned professional with 17+ years of experience in manufacturing and engineering partnerships, is dedicated to building lasting client relationships and connecting candidates with career opportunities. He started in recruitment from the ground up, serving as a recruiter, nurturing client relationships, and training team members at all levels.

John practices servant leadership, prioritizing ethical conduct and supporting his team in problem-solving and goal achievement. With a strong track record and industry expertise, John is a valuable asset for helping manufacturing and engineering companies succeed.


Adrian Bridges


Serving as a Client Service Manager and Recruiter, his role is to ensure that our customers can find the best talent for the positions they need to help them win. He joined TES in 2021 as an on-site Client Manager where he helped our team of contract workers fit in, perform at a high level and grow their skills and experience.

He has been working in support of the supply chain for 7 + years, and loves the challenges of solving different problems everyday while also providing leadership to my team members.


Justin Hinton


Justin is a highly motivated professional with 10+ years of experience in sales, technical recruiting, and marketing, holding a Business Administration Degree. He has navigated roles from Account Manager/Technical Recruiter at Randstad Engineering to Community Engagement Director at Phoenix Senior Living. In his current position as a Senior Technical Recruiter at The Effective Syndicate, he excels in connecting top talent with opportunities.

He is a strategic, innovative leader dedicated to delivering results, and his experience at Randstad Engineering has honed his recruitment skills and industry knowledge. He is committed to helping manufacturing leaders find top talent for success.


Andrew Chavez - LSS Green Belt

Senior Practitioner

Andrew has over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing Leadership, specializing in Industrial and Aerospace & Defense OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers. He has held roles from Supervisor to CEO, managing companies ranging from $10 million to $10 billion in revenue. Andrew has effectively used Lean Manufacturing to transform and turn around multiple business units, focusing on achieving excellence throughout the value stream. His approach is both technical and cultural, enhancing skills at every level of the organization.

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Shelby Peet

Office Manager


Tori Thomas

Marketing Manager

The X-Matrix

At The Effective Syndicate, we’ve integrated a tool called  the “X Matrix” into our quarterly planning process to ensure that everyone in our organization is not just working hard, but working smart on the “right” priorities. This proven methodology acts as our compass, guiding the alignment of objectives across all levels of our company, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that every effort is directed toward achieving our strategic goals.

Working in 12-week “sprints” ensures that we (and our clients) are focused with a sense of urgency and a timeline that requires discipline to execute.  

Download the same X Matrix that we use in our organization, to empower your team to chart a clear and efficient course for success, turning aspirations into tangible results.

Client Testimonials


“The part I enjoyed the most working with The Effective Syndicate was the organization and rallying everyone together as a team. Getting the entire shop cleaned up, both indoors and outdoors, was particularly satisfying. As I’m involved in outside operations, it all connected seamlessly. Seeing everyone on board was the best part, as it created a team atmosphere rather than just individualized departments.”

- Corene