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The operational improvement program that combines employee training and project action for immediate and sustainable results!

Transform Your Company with Tr-Action® today.

Your goal is to fix production issues and create a culture of continuous improvement, not waste money on quick fixes that don’t last and training that gets forgotten before it ever gets applied.

The traditional models of “send your people to training” or “hire a consultant to fix the problem” are broken, and leaders like you are frustrated.

That’s why we created Tr-Action® (step 3 of our GSD System), a program that combines onsite training with coach-facilitated action and produces improvements that take hold and stick.

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Schedule a call to see if Tr-Action® is right for you and your organization. We’ll walk you through the details and benefits of the program so you know exactly what to expect.

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We work with you to plan your Tr-Action® engagement so it delivers the most value to your organization in the shortest amount of time.

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Develop your team in continuous improvement and problem solving skills. Drive immediate, sustainable improvements. Transform your company and build your legacy.