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Practical Lean

An Online Video Course to Learn Practical Lean Six Sigma Principles

Be heard in your organization

Be heard in your organization

Make an Impact

Make an Impact

Advance Your  Career

Advance Your


Get The Training You Need To Make an Impact and Move Up In Your Career

If you’re a front-line worker that wants to make a big impact in your company, or if you’re just looking to gain instant authority and credibility, this course is for you.



Gain Practical Skills

Skip the fluff and get what you need to advance your career. Learn to solve problems within your organization with proven Lean Six Sigma Principles.


Save Time and Money

Get access to quality foundational training that you’ll finish in a fraction of the time and cost of other courses.


Gain a Voice in Your Organization

Become a leader within your organization. Lean Six Sigma is the standard for quality and efficiency, and even knowing the basics gives you instant credibility.

“Since working with The Effective Syndicate, the communication in our facility has improved dramatically.”

“In the short time that Beau was here, I’ve grown so much as a leader.”

“[The Effective Syndicate] taught me the art of advocating for our teammates and also our bosses advocating for us to break barriers.”

Enroll in Practical Lean Now

Learn the basics of Lean and become a leader wherever you are. Make an impact in your company and start advancing your career today.

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Join Practical Lean Today For Only $27 and get immediate access to the online course


How It Works

  1. Enroll Right

Start your journey to moving up by enrolling now and start mastering the basics of Lean Six Sigma.

2. Learn Lean Fundamentals

You’ll be learning the basics of how to solve problems quickly and efficiently, making you an invaluable asset in any organization.

3. Advance Your

Immediately start applying the principles you’ve learned, and you’ll instantly stand out on the line.



What you get with Practical Lean


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Build a Foundation

With Practical Lean you’ll be building a solid foundation of Lean Six Sigma basics. Lean is the standard methodology for achieving efficiency and quality.

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2+ Hours Of

What you need, none of what you don’t. Learn only what you need to know to start making a real impact. You’ll receive over 2+ hours of foundational Lean training.


Certified Instructor Training

The Effective Syndicate works with companies every day to train their employees in Lean and overcome their greatest problems. Learn More.


Start Your Journey Today

Enroll in the Practical Lean Masterclass to gain invaluable skills that will propel your career forward.

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Join Practical Lean Today For Only $27 and get immediate access to the online course

Who Is The Effective Syndicate?

It’s frustrating to feel behind in your career. We know how it feels because we started on the front line and had to forge a path to the top.

At the Effective Syndicate, we help companies that are underperforming because of various operational issues. We’ve developed a proven framework to help manufacturers break through their issues so they can achieve operational excellence.

Learn More…

Already mastered the basics? Ready for the next step?

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Practical lean is the perfect first step for anyone just starting with Lean. You’ll build a foundation of basics that will define your career moving forward. But what if you’re ready for more?


With our GreenBelt Masterclass, you’ll get just that. With the GreenBelt Masterclass, you’ll walk away with a Greenbelt certification that will put you on the path to management and making real change in your organization.


The Top 4 Blind Spots Holding Back Your Organization and How to Overcome Them

Don’t let these common blind spots trip up your company’s productivity. This guide describes common blind spots we see in manufacturing organizations along with real advice to help you overcome them.

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Drive productivity 

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Develop your teams

  • Get results